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The Finnish Aeronautical Association

Suomen Ilmailuliitto (SIL), or in English The Finnish Aeronautical Association is the national and central organization of sport aviation in Finland. The sphere of activity of SIL includes ten different air sport disciplines:

  • powered flying
  • gliding
  • experimental flying
  • ultralight flying
  • hang gliding
  • paragliding
  • parachuting
  • ballooning
  • ascending parachutes
  • aeromodelling

SIL has over 260 member organizations (clubs) and about 10 000 members. The clubs are fairly evenly distributed over the whole of Finland from Hanko to Ivalo and from Vaasa to Joensuu.

SIL offers its members several significant benefits. Especially noteworthy are the collective accident insurance, which covers SILs all air sports also during competitions, and the third-party liability insurance. Membership includes also ILMAILU magazine’s subscription.

SIL was founded in 1919. It is a member of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). It issues international sporting licences, monitors and lists national aviation records and sends teams to international competitions. SIL is a member of Suomen Liikunta ja Urheilu (Finnish Sports Federation).

Contact information

Helsinki-Malmi airport
0700 Helsinki, Finland

The switchboard number: +358 295 16001
Email: sil(at)

Opening hours
Mon – Thu 9.00 – 16.00
Fri 9.00 – 14.00

Executive director
Timo Latikka
+ 358 40579 1817

The most important function of SIL is to serve its members and all those interested in aviation. SIL can tell you how to begin your aviation career – and why you should do so.