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The members of the FAA have two ways to certify their membership:

  1. electronic membership card
  2. A4 size paper certificate


If a person presents either certificate of membership that is valid for the current year, he or she has the following insurances:

  • Sporttiturva Insurance is valid all over the world for the Association’s aviation sports in training and competition. Indemnities include medical coverage up to 15 000 euros, disability up to 30 000 euros and death up to 8 500 euros and deductible is 100 euros. Insurance number: 06-21893.
  • Third party liability insurance is valid in Europe for parachutists, hang glider and paraglider pilots and aircraft modellers as part of the Tuplaturva insurance. It is valid also in competitions. Maximum indemnity is one million euros and deductible is 600 euros. Insurance number: 16-385-954-5.


Electronic membership card


Paper certificate