Finnish Aeronautical Association

Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) is the national and central organization of sport aviation in Finland. The sphere of activity of FAA includes ten different air sport disciplines:

  • powered flying
  • gliding
  • experimental flying
  • ultralight flying
  • hang gliding
  • paragliding
  • parachuting
  • ballooning
  • aeromodelling
  • drones

FAA has over 200 member organizations (clubs) and about 9 000 members. The clubs are fairly evenly distributed over the whole of Finland from Hanko to Ivalo and from Vaasa to Joensuu.

FAA offers its members several significant benefits. Especially noteworthy are the collective accident insurance, which covers FAAs all air sports also during competitions, and the third-party liability insurance.

The insurance is valid in favour of all members of any age who have paid the Finnish Aeronautical Association’s membership fee, providing that their municipality of domicile, in accordance with the Population Information System and the Municipality of Residence Act, is in Finland.

FAA was founded in 1919. It is a member of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). It issues international sporting licences, monitors and lists national aviation records and sends teams to international competitions. FAA is a member of The Finnish Olympic Committee