Ellipsen valjasvika - riippuliito

After an accident occurred, a failure has been noticed on a hanggliding harness from the French manufacturer Ellipse. This model has been manufactured since 2001. A strap of the harness is cutting opened the seam of the main attachment strap of the rescue parachute when this strap comes under sudden tension due to the opening shock of the rescue parachute. Pilot using such harnesses should contact the general dealer in Switzerland or the French manufacturer to have their harness modified.

General dealership in Switerland                  Manufacturer in France
Aérocentre                                                   Ellipse
CP 21                                                              Rte de Bonnevent
1964 Conthey/Switzerland                             70150 Etuz / France
+41 79 449 33 11                                           +33 381 57 60 22

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